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‘If I had my life again, I would want to be a synchronised swimmer. I don’t have my life again, but I can learn to synchronised swim.’


Katie is on a voyage to prove that they can be graceful. But perhaps she already is. 


She’s taken up synchronised swimming and it’s a lot harder than they thought - but she's buoyant, beautiful even. Turns out lots of the things Katie thought to be true about her body aren’t. Turns out, there’s a whole bunch of people just like them. There’s lots to unlearn.


Join Katie as she brings you what she’s learnt about her fat body, its community and its history in a journey through synchronised swimming, live music and whales. 

BLUBBER is still in development and is Directed by Rafaella Marcus Produced by Daisy Hale Sound by Anna Clock, Movement by Jenni Jackson and Video by Al Orange. BLUBBER is supported by Arts Council England. 

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